Keepers of the
Earth's Secrets

by: Shawna Smith

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • About the sacred connection between women, your cycle, and nature.
  •  How to embrace your monthly cycle and harness its strength and potential energy.
  •  How to release your griefs, concerns, and injustices during your menstrual flow.
  • And much more...

"Very beautiful portrayal of Women's Wisdom."

"I'm excited! I haven't seen or heard of anything like this for girl's maturation."

About the Author

A healing intuitive, health coach and educator – and mother to five beautiful children. Her dedication to women, their children (and their animals) is evident in the commitment she puts into Natural Health & Fitness, pouring out her spiritual gifts for the healing of others.

She is passionate about creating a world where people can trust their intuition about their individual health journey. Shawna has committed to her spiritual purpose: recruiting a “Host of Inspired Women” to support the revolution of bringing masculine and feminine balance into healing.

Shawna Smith

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